Women Unite Sleep Out 2022


Marnie Grundman has been volunteering as a committee member, public speaker, spokesperson and a sleeper for Covenant House in Toronto since 2016. To date she has raised over 55k!


Join her team #UnconditionalLOVE for the 2022 Sleep out by emailing Marnie here

Marnie talks about her passionate support for Covenant House:


My life on the streets was filled with loss; I lost my childhood. I lost my innocence. I lost the luxury of choice that every person  … every child should have. 


The most difficult of my losses are the things that can never be regained. The memories I never got to build. I have no photos to document my teen years. I lost choosing my future with my peers, I missed out on high school milestones, dances, team activities, graduation, choosing a university ...

I lost all choice … I could not see a future … 


I had no room for dreams; as a 13 year old living on the streets I had to focus on where my next meal was coming from and where I was going to lay my head for the night without someone hurting me.

Covenant House provides so much more than just a roof over a child’s head - they are a family to the kids they serve. Everything they do begins and ends with unconditional love and respect. 


The kids and staff function as a family … they share and plan meals together, support their kids through their healing process physically and emotionally, plan and help them with their education, employment and finally transitional housing to secure them on the path to being healthy, whole and independent adults.  

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