Love Marnie is a not-for-profit organization focused on the prevention of youth homelessness and human trafficking. It is our mission to protect youth in need, to save their childhoods, and give them a brighter present and future.



A world where our youth are safe and supported

A world where homelessness and human trafficking no longer exists 

A world where every child has a soft place to fall


Join #LoveMarnie and lead the charge against youth homelessness and human trafficking. #SaveChildhoods

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The Love Marnie GIV(ft)ING project provides backpacks on wheels filled with NEW essentials (as well as some “luxury items"). The items are collected throughout the year and delivered on Christmas Day by the Love Marnie street team. This project provides so much more than new essentials, it also provides human contact ... conversation and connection, on a day when so many people would otherwise be completely alone. 

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